Chinese name: 衣/衤

*衤 is a common variation of 衤 radical.

clothes clothesV.jpg

Pinyin: yī

Chinese name: clothes

Imagery: Chinese robe

History of radical: This radical is called clothes. In oracle bones it is a picture of traditional Chinese robe or gown. 衣 is usually placed to the bottom of a character and 衤 is usually placed to the left. Characters with this radical relate to clothing. Traditional Chinese clothing varied from one dynasty to another. Almost every dynasty had its own unique style. The most well-known ones include Hanfu of the Han Dynasty and Qipao of Qin Dynasty.

For example: 

Examples for 衣:

  • 裁(cái): tailor, cut
  • 袋(dài): bag
  • 裹(guǒ): wrap

Examples for 衤:

  • 衬衫(chèn shān): shirt
  • 袜(wà): sock
  • 袖(xiù): sleeve