Chinese name: 手/扌

*扌is a common variation of 手 radical.

bamboo handV.jpg

pinyin: shǒu

English name: hand

Imagery: a hand

History of radical: This radical is called hand. The variation 扌is more commonly used as a radical and it is always placed to the left of a character. In oracle bones it is a picture of a hand. Can you see the five fingers? Characters with this radical relate to hands and their movements.

For example: 

examples for 手:

  • 拿(ná): take; hold
  • 拳(quán): fist
  • 掌(zhǎng): palm

examples for 扌:

  • 打(): hit
  • 抢(qiǎng): snatch
  • 找(zhǎo): look for