Chinese name: 水/氵

*氵is a common variation of 水 radical.


Pinyin: shuǐ

English name: water

Imagery: river water

History of radical: This radical is called water. The variation 氵is more commonly used as a radical and it is always placed to the left of a character. In oracle bones it is a picture of a river. Characters with this radical relate to water, river or sea. In China, people drink hot water no matter what the weather because they believe it’s healthy.

For example: 

examples for 水

  • 水(shuǐ): water
  • 泵(bèng): pump
  • 浆(jiāng): thick liquid

examples for 氵

  • 汤(tāng):soup
  • 河(hé):river
  • 海(hǎi): sea