Chinese name: 尸

Pinyin: shī

English name: corpse

Imagery: a zombie’s head

History of radical: This radical is called corpse and it is always placed to the top of a character. In oracle bones it is a picture of a dead man lying on his side. Characters with this radical relate to the human body. In the Qing density the Han Chinese were forced to adopt the Manchurian cue hairstyle. If one was unlucky enough to be caught with the wrong hairstyle, he would be killed.  There was even a slogan “Keep your hair and lose your head, or keep your head and cut your hair.” (Chinese:留头不留发,留发不留头。)

For example: 

  • 屁(pì): fart
  • 屎(shǐ): secretion
  • 尿(niào): urinate