Chinese name: 人/亻

*亻is a common variation of 人 radical.

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Pinyin: rén

English name: person

Imagery: a person

History of radical: This radical is called person. It is usually placed on the top of a character and its variation 亻is usually placed to the left of a character. In oracle bones, it is a picture of a farmer bending over in a field. Now it is standing tall. Characters with this radical related to people. China has a huge diversity of people and there are officially 55 ethinic minorities, excluding Han which is by far the majority.

For example: 

examples for 人

  • 会 (huì): meeting; gather
  • 从 (zhòng): follow
  • 众 (zhòng): everyone

examples for 亻

  • 仆 (pú): servant
  • 仔 (zǎi): young child
  • 们 (mén): a plural suffix for people

e.g.: 我(I)+们=we; 他(he)+们=they; 孩子(child)+们=children